The project is an ongoing archives and collection management project started in May 2017.

The Bishop Collection is a private collection, a compilation of different subject areas: entertainment, music, numismatics, philatey, science, and sport; the archival materials are sorted into five sections: Banknotes–Coins–Stamps Archives, Entertainment Archives, Music Archives, Science Archives, and Sport Archives. The Bishop Collection is unique and of a great Australian heritage value.

Year range: 300BC -- 2024.

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The BANKNOTES–COINS–STAMPS ARCHIVES covers the numismatic and philatelic history and heritage of Australia and also includes a wide variety of international and colonial rarities, containing all together 1188 items (2024-06-30): single coins and banknotes; tokens, medallions; various coin, banknote and stamp sets.

Year range: 300BC - 2024.

The Collection includes, inter alia, sovereigns, vignettes, pre-decimal and decimal sets; holey dollars and dumps; various series, for example: Air and Artists Series, ANZAC, Birds, Bright Bugs, Deadly and Dangerous, Kangaroo at Sunset, the Lunar, Northern and Southern Sky, Possum Magic, Treasures of Australia, Zoo, Bush Babies series; various anniversary, commemorative, and other issues, including single coins and banknotes, coin and banknote sets, coin and stamp sets, banknote and phonecard sets that celebrate a number of occasions in Australia’s and world history, for exapmle: Astronomy, Celebrating Decimal, Duyfken Exploration, Federation, First Fleet, Holden, Millenium, Moon Landing, Older Person, Planet Earth, Peace, Proclamation, Sir Charles Kingford Smith, Television, Volunteers, Waltzing Matilda. The Collection also contains a sequential assortment of proof coin sets dating from 1966 until the current day. The Collection consists of an interesting overview of the changing currencies of Australia and the continuously improving security features of Australian banknotes.



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The ENTERTAINMENT ARCHIVES is divided into multiple sections and is currently under continuous processing, only some parts of it are available. This section includes altogether 5338 items (2024-06-30): magazines, collectible trading card sets, a wide variety of objects (e.g., memorabilia, stickers), photos, postcards, posters, and stamps.

Year range: 1900s - 2024.


The MUSIC ARCHIVES is an exciting and cohesive compilation of 1394 items (2024-06-30) predominantly related to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These range from autographed vinyls, vinyl and cd covers, photos, CDs, postcards, posters, contracts, sheets music, simple autographs, Hall of Fame induction and tour programmes, an assortment of various objects, and stamps.

Year range: 1940s - 2020.

The majority of these items have been signed by the artists, making them extremely rare. The Collection also includes an exclusive selection of Apple Records published by EMI Australia. The Collection contains a cohesive selection of artists representing the famous ’27 Club’, talented artists who died at or before the age of 27.

Examples of signatories: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presely, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Prince, Hank Williams, Ricky Nelson, Ronnie Van Zant, Duane Allman, Michael Hutchence, Whitney Houston, Nina Simone, Chubby Checker, Muddy Waters, Ink Spots, Willie Dixon, Etta James, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Bee Gees, and The Monkees.

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The SCIENCE ARCHIVES is the smallest segment of the Collection, divided into 3 sections, and includes 7 autographed photos of world famous scientists (2024-06-30).

Year range: 1960s - 1990s.

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The SPORT ARCHIVES is divided into multiple sections and is currently under continuous processing. The sport section includes altogether 3821 items (2024-06-30): books, magazines, collectible trading card sets, a wide variety of objects (e.g., memorabilia, jersey), photos, postcards, posters, and stamps.

Year range: 1905 - 2019.

The Australian Rules Football section of the Archives is completed and is a compilation of books; collectors' trading cards; magazines; various objects: memorabilias, football tickets, grand final dinner menus and tickets, players' autographed jerseys; photos; postcards; posters and flyers; and stamps. There are all together 3789 items, 465 of these have been personally signed by the most celebrated players and coaches of the era. The Collection represents 4492 players.

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