The project is an ongoing archives and collection management project started in May 2017.

The Bishop Collection is a private collection, a compilation of five different subject areas: entertainment, music, numismatics, philatey, and sport; the archival materials are sorted into four sections: Music Archives, Sport Archives, Entertainment Archives, Banknotes—Coins—Stamps Archives.

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The Music section is an exciting and cohesive compilation of 1244 items (as in July 2019) predominantly related to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These range from autographed vinyls, vinyl and cd covers, photos, CDs, postcards, posters, contracts, sheets music, simple autographs, Hall of Fame induction and tour programmes, and an assortment of various objects. The majority of these items have been signed by the artists, making them extremely rare. The Collection also includes an exclusive selection of Apple Records published by EMI Australia.


The Coins—Banknotes—Stamps section covers the numismatic and philatelic history and heritage of Australia, containing 745 items (as in July 2019): single coins and banknotes; various coin, banknote and stamp sets. The Collection includes sovereigns, vignettes, pre-decimal and decimal sets; holey dollars and dumps; various series, such as the Lunar, Treasures of Australia, Kangaroo at Sunset, Deadly and Dangerous, Northern and Southern Sky, ANZAC, or the Artists series; various anniversary, commemorative, and other issues that celebrate a number of occasions in Australia’s history. The Collection also contains a sequential assortment of proof coin sets dating from 1966 until the current day. The Collection consists of an interesting overview of the changing currencies of Australia and the continuously improving security features of Australian banknotes.


The Sport and Entertainment sections are in the sorting phase, and the quantity of items is unknown (as in July 2019).

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