Measuring user experience (UX) is important to validate the design and provide evidence of users' expectations and satisfaction: How do real users feel about the production? The real users' opinion will be considered to ascertain the production's usability (including user experience, expectations, engagement and understanding). The results of the user-based tests by the general public will enable to analyse the average/real users' satisfaction, and to assess the production's general usability as a whole.

Employing user-based evaluation method to understand the users' overall impression, different aspects of UX will be examined covering the pragmatic (perspicuity, efficiency, dependability) and hedonic (stimulation, novelty) quality of the interactive production. This part of the study also addresses issues focusing on the effectiveness of IDMMPs and/or panorama tours or other ICT in the museum sector. The users' attitude toward the usefulness of the 21st century's emerging technologies in museums also will be evaluated.

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Usability Testing

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