Beata Dawson is an information management professional with a Doctor of Philosophy focused on communication technology and digital media; heritage and cultural conservation; museums and archives. She is skilled in User Experience Design (UED), information visualization and design, and has a demonstrated history of working in the GLAM industry focusing on the application of digital technologies in archives and museums.
She currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.

She completed her PhD at Curtin University, School of Media Creative Arts and Social Inquiry/Discipline of Libraries, Archives, Records, and Information Sciences (2019). She holds a Masters Degree in Information Management from Curtin University (2014), and a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy from Eszterhazy Karoly Foiskola (currently Eszterhazy Karoly University of Applied Sciences), in Eger, Hungary (2001). Before she moved to Perth, she partially completed her postgraduate degree in Library Informatics (2007), and had qualifications in Foreign Trade and Customs Administration (1993, 1994), as well.

She previously worked in foreign economics area, and in education, and is currently working in information/collection management area. She has conducted research in the fields of education and information sciences.

Her PhD and current research are cross-disciplinary and related to information and communication technology, digital media, heritage and museum studies.

Her current project is The Bishop Collection.

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